The Essene's believed that we are all born with a "twin". That twin remains in the invisible world, while we live here in the visible one. While we are alive, there is always a part of us looking for that "something missing"... or, the Dream Twin. The Essene's believed that at night, the Twin returns and takes us out of the "visible world" to the dream place of meaning.

Dream guidance can assist in understanding exactly what is going on with one's life. Dream Interpretation sessions are $35 for the first 15 minutes and $25 for each additional 15 minutes.


Recommended Listening

Michael Meade: Living Myth Podcast
A Bridge Between Worlds

Michael Meade tells the story of “Eisik’s Dream” as a way of showing how dreams offer deep and surprising insight and revelation into the path our lives would follow.  Bringing a dream to life means changing everything and change is most often accompanied by fear and resistance. Meade suggests that living a dream requires the courage to cross not only where others fear to go, but also to enter where we fear to tread. The dream that calls us to a greater life is also a bridge between worlds, and the depths of one’s soul must first be plumbed if the gold would be found.