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Clear Mind has existed for over 40 years. Over this time the finest collective of Wisdom practitioners have assisted Souls on their spiritual journey. Psychologists, Body Workers,Herbalists, Astrologists, Kinesiologist, and Natural Medicine Practitioners have made our team. We decided to take the different path than traditional Psychology and Healing.  Psychology has existed for less than 200 years but we have always gravitated to older cultures where if your mind was not clear, assistance was available from Oracles, Hierophants, Sybils, and Herbalists to find Wisdom for their Souls. People call to consult with the professionals at Clear Mind, in the same manner, every day.

If you have come seeking answers, your feet are on the right path.

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John Rehak, M.Div, has more than 40 years of experience in many forms of therapy, addictions counseling,  and family care. Traditional psychotherapy looks at a science that is often lost in its own seriousness. A great deal is missed by this limited version of psychology.

Psychotherapy means, "study of the soul". This field is thousands of years old and lies at the heart of every culture and people. John's passion has been the study of this rich legacy that has come down to us not only from the findings of Modern Psychology but from the legacy of medicine stories around the world to the sizable wisdom of primitive elders and shamanic practices.

Clear Mind began in November, 1987 as a practice of psychotherapy. Over the years it has grown and merged with other therapists, body workers, a kinesiologist, an astrologist and other gifted workers in the Shamanic Arts. John and his staff have forty years of experience working with individuals searching for their identity and soul.

John is the author of the new book Doctor of the Soul "Experiences in Astrological and Sacred Psychology"



Written for those who want to study mysticism, astrological psychology, sacred psychology, soul recognition, and soul confirmation.



Sessions are available in-person and virtually

Starry Sky

Psychotherapy means, "study of the soul". This field is thousands of years old and lies at the heart of every culture and people. To experience psychotherapy from this perspective clarifies the nature of what is actually troubling the soul of a person in a more precise fashion than a traditional approach of diagnosis and pharmacueticals

A consultation will enable you to see yourself in a new vision. Instead of being "pathologized" (telling you how you are sick), to being "mythologized" where you find your heroic journey.

The Essene's believed that we are all born with a "twin". That twin remains in the invisible world, while we live here in the visible one. While we are alive, there is always a part of us looking for that "something missing"... or, the Dream Twin. The Essene's believed that at night, the Twin returns and takes us out of the "visible world" to the dream place of meaning.

Dream guidance can assist you in understanding exactly what is going on with your life.


In primitive cultures, there are wise Elders who await the birth of a child and watch its growth and development. These Elders are responsible for assisting that child to discover what unique gift they have to bring to that community.

"What did I come here to do?" and "Who am I?" are timeless questions. Yet these questions haunt the soul and psyche of people in modern society. A deep soul depression occurs when a person drifts far away from who they are and what they came here to do. Through a series of consultations including a blind-read by my  esoteric astrologer, clarity will come to every situation.

The Hierophant was an order of priesthood who work was to 'Hiero" or Holy and 'phant' translated 'to show the Holy

Oftentimes, our own personal search for self-knowledge needs a mentor. Someone who has a vast resource of information available to help track your personal quest.

The world of information that is available to us has expanded in the last century to enormous proportions. 100 years ago, few had access to texts from every religion of the world, let alone wisdom from primitive cultures and shamanic experiences. Let me share my own trusted resources to help increase your personal quest for knowledge.