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Quo Vadis Cover Styles

Deluxe smooth vinyl. Classic and bright colors. Matte finish.
Click image to enlarge        Brown (6)          Burgundy (4)       Navy Blue (2)          Black (1)
                                      Lime Green (8)          Tan (7)                 Red (5)            Sky Blue (3)
Soya Smooth Leatherette Refillable
Sturdy and supple leather look and feel. Saddle stitched. Modernized color palette.
Click image to enlarge         Black (1)               Red (5)         Saddle Brown (6)     Orange (7)       Lavender Blue (8)
Club Crained Leatherette Refillable
Bright colors. Sturdy. Crained leatherette. Saddle stitched. Classy & fun!
Click image to enlarge            Black (1)              Blue (4)          Cherry Red (5)          Teal (10)
                                      Saddle Brown (12)  Aqua Blue (11)    Raspberry (13)    Spring Green (14)
Chelsea Leather Refillable
Very soft, smooth full leather. Sewn lining. Durable.
Click image to enlarge                 Black (1)               Red (5)
Nappa Leather Refillable
Real leather. Smooth, supple feel. Inside pockets for cards.
Click image to enlarge              Black (1)                Red (5)             Havane (6)           Natural (7)
Mignon Full Hide Leather Refillable
Top leather calfskin is smooth and supple with naturally marked finish. Kidskin is petal soft.
Click image to enlarge                     Black (1)               Blue (2)               Green (3)              Red (5)               Brown (6)             Tan (9)
Rain Forest Polypro Wirebound
Lush and exuberant floral designs. Soft polypro covers w/ different design on front & back.

Click image to enlarge

Wild Stripes Polypro Wirebound
Created by a famous London designer. Wild on one side ... fashion stripes on the other.
Lively colors in spiral binding. Elastic closure. Sturdy & durable.

Click image to enlarge

Habana bound
Soft cover leather feel fabric w/ embossed Quo Vadis logo. Matching elastic closure. Elegant round corners.
Click image to enlarge             Orange (7)             Red (5)               Black (1)

Robert le Héros Limited Edition bound
Rich colors and slicked up florals. Matching elastic closure. Elegant round corners.
Click image to enlarge                     Beige (7)                           Prune (8)