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Alternative Psychotherapy

John Rehak is available for sessions of psychotherapy by phone or e-mail. John has more than 35 years of experience in many forms of therapy, addictions counseling, and marriage and family care.

Traditional psychotherapy looks at a science that is just 100 years old and is often lost in its own seriousness. A great deal is missed by this limited version of psychology.

Psychotherapy means, "study of the soul". This field is thousands of years old and lies at the heart of every culture and people.

John's passion has been the study of this rich legacy that has come down to us not only from the findings of Modern Psychology, but from the legacy of medicine stories around the world to the sizable wisdom of primitive elders and shamanic practices.

To experience psychotherapy from this perspective clarifies the nature of what is actually troubling the soul of a person in a more precise fashion than a traditional approach of diagnosis.

A one-hour consultation with John will enable you to see yourself in a new vision. Instead of being "pathologized" (telling you how you are sick), being "mythologized" will help you find your heroic journey.

To set up an appointment with John, call (440) 331-2899 or e-mail Or Clearmind on Facebook